Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation: $2,425 to $8,625

If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are alternative containers and other cremation containers, including containers made of fiberboard, and containers made of other composite materials. See descriptions below. When Direct Cremation is chosen, Natchez Trace Funeral Home is not responsible for arranging, transporting, facilitating in any way, or conducting of any service held at another chapel, church, or other location.

Our charges for direct cremation (without ceremony) includes basic services or funeral director and staff and a proportionate share of overhead costs, transfer of remains to funeral home within a 50-mile radius, and the crematory fee. THE CREMATION FEE IS INCLUDED.

  • Direct cremation with the container provided by the purchaser: $2,425
    (All such containers must meet any applicable state or crematory requirements).
  • Direct cremation with a heavy cardboard alternative container: $2,500
  • Direct cremation with a Vesta Ceremonial Rental Casket Insert: $2905
  • Direct Cremation with a Baden Cremation Container: $2905
  • Direct cremation with a Pacific Pine Cremation Casket: $3925
  • Direct cremation with a casket selected from our funeral home: $3,415 to $8,625

                (Refer to the casket price list as provided at the funeral home)