Community Mausoleums / Private Mausoleums / Private Estates®

Phase I of our Community Mausoleum has been completed.  It has Side by Side, Over/Under, Tandem styles (Back/Front) along with single/double Niches for cremains.  We also have a Niche Mausoleum with single/double inurnments options.  Private Estates are available for traditional burial, mausoleum, niches and a combination of all. Call our office and allow us to help you design your own estate.

Devotion Community Mausoleum


Our community columbarium is available for cremains entombment as a single or double. This is a multi family columbarium.  Private columbariums are available.  Please ask for a cemetery specialist to help you design the perfect fit for your needs.

Private Estate​

Private Estates are a custom product that can be designed to fit your needs.  Estates can fit from 1 - 12 normally.  Ask one of our Cemetery specialists to help you design the perfect estate to fit your family.  Estates can be designed for only caskets, only niches or a combination of the two.